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IFTE Overview

The Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment (IFTE), formerly known as Dept. of Plasticity Technology, SJTU, has a history dating back to the Teaching & Research Section of Forging & Stamping established in early 1950s. To further enhance the level of materials discipline of SJTU through resources integration, the Dept. of Plasticity Technology and School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) has merged together on April 8, 2011, and the Dept. of Plasticity Technology has been renamed to the Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment of SMSE.

Prof. Xueyu Ruan, the director of IFTE, is academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Honorary Dean of SMSE, well-known expert for digital manufacturing technology, plasticity technology (cold extrusion).

The IFTE relies on state-level scientific research bases, such as National Engineering Research Center of Die & Mold CAD, National Digital Manufacturing Technology Center, and combines the advanced plastic forming technology and digital manufacturing technology effectively. A multidisciplinary and multi-level research team headed by Prof. Ruan has been constructed. Currently, IFTE owns more than 40 full-time personnel for education, research and engineering, including 8 professors, 1 lecture professor of Changjiang Scholar Incentive Program, 11 associate professors. In addition, more than 10 internationally and domestically well-known scholars in the field of forming technology have been invited to be guest professors of IFTE.

The IFTE has carried out extensive and in-depth internationally technological cooperation and academic exchanges, and signed cooperation agreements with famous institutes in the field of forming technology in Europe, US, Japan and other countries and areas. Long term technological cooperation relationship has also been established with a number of well-known enterprises such as Ford Motor Company. The UNESCO Chair in Cold Forging Technology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is also set up in the IFTE.

The IFTE has carried out a large number of research and development work in the field of precision bulk forming technology, new materials stamping technology, thermal processing technology for large forgings and its theoretical modeling, micro forming technology, fiber materials and fiber reinforced molding technology, advanced injection molding technology, constitutive theory for plastic forming, forming simulation technology, intelligent forming process and die design system. The IFTE has been one of the important scientific research and engineering support bases in China in the field of forming. In recent years, the IFTE has undertaken various state and provincial level scientific research projects such as "973 Plan" project, "863 Plan" project, projects sponsored by National Key Technology R&D Program, National Science & Technology Major Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, key Scientific and Technological Project of Shanghai and the Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation. Long-term cooperation in science and engineering has been carried out with importance enterprises of related industries at home and abroad to provide intellectual support for the technological promotion of the forming and tooling industry.

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