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    Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment is formerly known as Shanghai Jiao Tong University Plasticity Department (directly under the university), whose history can be traced back to a forging teaching & research section established in early 1950s. On Apr. 8th, 2011, Plasticity Department merged with Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, and is now renamed as Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment, so as to improve the development of materials science in Jiao Tong University with resource consolidation and complementary advantages.

    The enrollment of undergraduate students major in Mechanical Engineering and Automation began in 1992, and there were 370 students graduated till 2002. The enrollment of master students major in Material Processing Engineering began in 1979. The enrollment of full-time master students major in Material Processing Engineering began in 2009. The enrollment of PhD students major in Material Processing Engineering began in 1985. Till September, 2011, the institute has cultivated 1079 students (including current students), 479 master students (including 44 full-time students), and 217 PhD students.

2.Employment Status

    The aim of the institute is to produce high-quality technology professionals equipped with integrative knowledge of "Mechanical - Electronic ¨C Material". The core is Mechanical (mechanical design, manufacturing technology and related management techniques), the base is Material, the method is computer, information and control, the characteristic is plasticity. The institute always works on producing inter-disciplinary and export-oriented high-level talent who can meet the development needs of the society with solid foundation, broad specialized field and excellent quality. As the students not only have a solid basic theory, broad & in-depth professional knowledge and perfect computer skills, but also own a strong adaptability and research ability, they are very welcomed by employers.

    The employment rate and quality of students from the institute are always ranked first in the university. The students showed their abilities in many world-renowned enterprises such as Shanghai General Motors, Volkswagen, Siemens, Baosteel Group, Unigraphics NX, Altair Engineering Inc, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, AVIC I Commercial Aircraft Co., 3M Co., Ltd., Huawei, etc. and some of the PhDs engaged in research work in universities and research institutes such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Donghua University, Beijing University of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology

2000-2005, the employment rate of undergraduates won the 1st in the university for five consecutive years
2000-2005, the employment rate of graduates won the 1st in the university for five consecutive years

3.Teaching Achievements

    The institute has won dozens awards of country, department and city-level for the excellent success in teaching and research in the field of forming CAD / CAM / CAE, artificial intelligence technology in materials processing, materials forming theories and new technologies, materials processing equipment & intelligent control, and advanced manufacturing technology.

Outstanding Teaching Achievement in the Cooperation of Production, Study and Research

Key Books of 9th and 10th National Five-Year Plan

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